RJ45 Ethernet Splitter, 1 to 2 Ethernet Extender Connector Female to 2 Female 8P8C Extender Plug LAN Couple Network Splitter for Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat6e Cat7 Cable. (1 Pair - Ethernet Splitter)

Product Description

ETHERNET SPLITTER CONNECTOR USAGE - (1) Use a Single Adapter : It can be Used as Ethernet Cable Extender, But Only Port 1 Available to be Used. (2) Use a Pair of Adapter: One Network can be Divided Into Two, Enabling Two Devices Online at the Same Time. Reference Product Display Picture.

WORKING PRINCIPLE - Internet Splitter Adapter is to Devide One Original Pre-embedded Network Cable (8 Cores) Into Two Groups(1236/4578), Respectively, Transmit Date. Lan Splitter is Purely Physical Connection, And does not have the Function of Assigning IP Address, Also not with the Router or Switch. Two Groups Signal Transmission do not Interfere With Each Other. A Pairs Must be Used when Installing.

STABLE TRANSMISSION - The Network Splitter Ethernet Built-in Thick Environmental Protection PCB Circuit Board, Rj45 Eight-core Standard Jack, Gold-plated Pin Core, Integrated Mechanical Welding, More Stable Transmission Signal, Superior Contact and Transmission Performance, Ensure Signal Transmission, Durable.

SAFETY AND STABILITY - Environmental Protection and Flame Retardant ABS Plastic Shell, Fixed Rj45 Interface, 8 TVS Gas Discharge Tube Lightning Protection Technology, Shielding Electromagnetic Interference, Preventing Network Signal Loss or Damage. Rj45 Splitter Connector can also Safely Use the Network During Thunderstorms. Ethernet Cable Splitter Meets the Performance Requirements of Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat7 Network Cables.

PRECAUTIONS - Rj45 Splitter Adapter is to Resolve Connection Problem Caused by Insufficient Cords, through the Physical Tap Way Connection to Achieve Network Split in Half so that Enables Two Devices Online at the Same Time, Plug and Play, And don't Need to Set. This Ethernet Spiltter Adapter is Different from 1 to 3 Network Splitter, As 1 to 3 One can't Allow Two Devices to be Online at the Same Time.

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