YSJJAXR Natural Crystal Rough 100g Natural Rough All-Round Stones and Minerals Reiki Healing Crystal Ruby Raw Gemstone Sample for Manufacture of Jewelry (Größe : 200g)

Product Description

Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual.

How Do Chakras effect health:The energy centers in our body are like pools of water allowing energy to flow from one to the next. Over time this energetic blockages can begin to create a disconnect between the physical and energetic body leading to the occurrence of illness or disease in organs surrounding the blockage. By removing blockages within our chakras we are able to remove blockages we maintain our optimum connection to vital life force throughout our entire physical and energetic body.

IDEAL GIFT CHOICE:Great gift for your friends,lover,family on Christmas Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, other holidays or special event. etc.Treat yourself or someone special to this chakra healing stones.Hope the healing balancing chakra stone can bring a good luck to you!

right size to fit in the palm of a hand yet powerful enough to absorb creeping anxiety and other negative feelings, and bring enlightenment along with empowerment to body, mind and spirit.

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