170 Pieces of Copper Battery Cable Ends + 180 Heat shrinkable Tubes 12 Kinds of Tube Ring Terminal connectors SC Automotive Supplies AWG4 6 8 10 12 Heavy-Duty Battery Wire terminals (Metal)

Product Description

Unique high-quality copper lugs: bare copper battery wire ends are made of 100% annealed copper, which has good electrical conductivity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 3:1 The heat shrinkable tube is made of high-quality materials, which is thick and durable. Can withstand up to 600 volts, 290 degrees

Packing list: You will get 12 kinds of AWG 170 copper ring terminal blocks, SC4-6 20, SC4-4 20, SC6-8 20, SC6-6 20, SC10-6 20, SC10-8 5, 1 0 pcs SCC 16-8, SC16-6 10 pcs, SC25-10 5 pcs, SC25-8 10 pcs, SC25-6 10 pcs, 180 pcs 3:1 heat shrinkable tube

High quality/safety and reliability: All cable lugs are of common size and conform to American standards. The terminal adopts a heavy-duty structure, which improves high temperature resistance and durability. The closed design is sealed and moisture-proof to ensure the reliability of the connection; the high-standard opening is convenient for inserting wires.

Wide application: These copper lugs are used in conjunction with heat shrinkable tubes, which are safe and reliable. This copper battery terminal is suitable for solar panels, distribution boxes, ships, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, trolling motor wiring and other household appliances.

Easy to organize: each copper ring terminal has a mark, you can throw the kit into your toolbox without worrying about size confusion.

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