Proportional Modulating Electrical Control Actuator, AC 110V ABS 2A Proportional Modulating Motorized Control Valve Actuator

Product Description

➤【Note】needed to the actuator installation of protective means to protect the entire actuator. Note that the implementation of the ambient temperature for use. Need to consider the space reserved for wiring and maintenance of the installation. When energized, A can not be disassembled drive means and valves. When powered, A can not make the wiring project

➤【Housing】IP67 conforms to En60529 / GB4208-2008 (all directions); F type can be added with dehumidification heater

➤【Medium temperature】≤80 ° can be directly installed on the actuator; > 80 ° requires a bracket or a heat sink

➤【Working environment】※ Indoor or outdoor; if it is exposed to rain or sunlight, you need to install a protective device for the actuator

➤【Installation precautions】360 ° arbitrary angle, manual operation is required; or wiring space

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