XGecu T56 Universal USB Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Support 27877+ ICS for ROM/Flash, Nor/NAND, EMMC/EMCP, PLD/GAL/CPLD, SRAM/NVRAM, 8051/PIC/AVR MCU/MPU+17 Parts

Product Description

1. Outer shell size: 12.9CM*8.5CM*3CM, it's small and easily portable. Cool appearance, low power consumption, excellent work stability. Support simultaneously working with 4 Programmers on each computer. User-friendly software interface, supports multi-language (English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Italian), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA /WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit).

2. The 56-pin powerful pins drivers IO design. Open source programming adapter, for example, TSOP32/TSOP40/TSOP48/TSOP56, PLCC32, PLCC44, TQFP44, BGA48, BGA63, BGA64, SOP44, TQFP32 and so on. No adapter required for any DIL devices. All programming adapters are fully open source. No encryption adapter is used. You can buy a universal adapter, or make your own adapters. This feature will bring customers incomparable convenience, it will save you a lot of money.

3. Includes 17pcs useful parts: QFP32 to DIP32; QFP44-DIP44; SOP44-DIP44; SOP20-DIP20 200mil ZIF adapter; SOP28-DIP28 300mil ZIF adapter; SOP16-DIP16 150mil ZIFadapter; TSSOP28-DIP28 170mil ZIF adapter; QFN8 two-in-one adapter (for both 6*5MM and 8*6MM chips); TSOP32/40/48/56 ZIF adapter (SN-ADP-056-0.5) with 8-pin cable; SOP56 adapter (ADP-SSO-056-0.8) with 8-pin cable; PLCC IC extractor; PLCC44-DIP44; PLCC32-DIP32; PLCC32-DIP28; PLCC28-DIP24; PLCC20-DIP20; SOIC SOP8 IC test clip/ IC clip

4. Design focused on high-capacity memories programming. IC supported 27877+ for Nor Flash / NAND Flash / EMMC / TSOP48 / TSOP56 / BGA48 / BGA63 / BGA64 / BGA100 / BGA153 / BGA162 / BGA169 / BGA221, please check Device List in details. Remarkable performance, 56-pins powerful pindrivers, ultra fast programming speed, program 2 GB eMMC NAND Flash in less than 160 sec. Reading EMMC speed: 14MB/s-45MB/s, it is 2-5 times faster than similar programmers.

5. Support high voltage, the highest voltage up to 25V. The T56 programmer solves the contradiction between high voltage and high frequency pins. It supports high speed and high voltage programming. You can directly program many 27C series and MCU series that require high voltage VCC (6.5V) and VPP (12V-25V).

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