Fuse Box, Fire-retardantant Blade Fuse Block 12 Ways 32V DC (Red)

Product Description

All the fasteners are made of stainless steel. The fuse box is fixed with self-tapping screws and its input and output terminals are fixed with tightening screws, thus making the installation more quickly and more simple in a safer way.

Adopts premium PBT material, fire-retardantant, high and low temperature resistant and environment-friendly, can to extent avoid the conditions of deformation, combustion, short circuit and etc.

Attached red indicator corresponds to each fuse connected to electrical appliances. You can easily know the broken one when the light is on as soon as the fuse is disconnected and deal with it conveniently and timely.

All the bus lines and fuse clips are made of nickel-clad copper which has a property of corrosion resistance and electrical conductibility.

The fuse box is pre-assembled with negative bus bars, which can facilitate the grounding of the negative pole of the device, convenient and safe to use.

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