AUKENIEN 40 Values 1/2W Resistor Pack 1% 1/2 Watt Metal Film Fixed Resistors Assortment Kit 1 2.2 10 22 47 100 120 220 470 1K 2K 2.2K 4.7K 10K 22K 47K 100K 220K 470K 1M Ohm Resistance

Product Description

AUKENIEN high-accuracy 1/2w ±1% metal film resistor assortment kit.

Resistor Features: High quality 1/2w resistor kit is convenient , practical, high precision and stability.Resistor kit with complete RoHS compliant are pretty popular among the electronic lovers.

Universal Compatibility: Metal film resistor with ±1% Tolerance are suitable for almost all electrical networks and electronic circuits, from precision components in digital electronics, till measurement devices for physical quantities.

Useful 40 Values Resistors: 1Ω,2.2Ω,3.3Ω,4.7Ω,10Ω,22Ω,47Ω,68Ω,100Ω,120Ω,150Ω,220Ω,270Ω,330Ω,470Ω,560Ω,680Ω,750Ω,820Ω,910Ω,1KΩ,2KΩ,2.2KΩ,4.7KΩ,5.6KΩ,7.5KΩ,10KΩ,22KΩ,47KΩ,68KΩ,100KΩ,150KΩ,220KΩ,470KΩ,560KΩ,680KΩ,750KΩ,820KΩ,910KΩ,1MΩ.

What You Get: 1/2w(0.5watt) metal film resistor assortment kit and friendly customer service.

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