Cloudbox Digital Buck Module -DKP6012 Adjustable Buck Module Large Power Digital DC‑DC Voltage Regulator DC10~75V to DC0~60V

Product Description

Digital Buck Module:The DKP6012 DC‑DC digitally controlled bcuk voltage converter is a programmable buck module that uses an all‑digital LED display to display voltage and current in real time.

Buck Module:Compared with similar products, the buck module is small in size, high in work efficiency and stable in performance.

Voltage Supply Module:Advanced microprocessor control is used for this buck module. Voltage and current can be accurately adjusted by buttons, which can be adjusted to output constant voltage and current.

Power Module:For secondary development, the reserved port can be connected to a microcontroller or computer for communication.

Voltage Regulator:The output power of the module is high enough for multiple works.

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