Gear Motor, Mechanical Parts All‑Metal Gears with Eccentric Output Shaft for Automatic Vending Equipment

Product Description

★★★★★【Widely Use】Widely used in automatic vending equipment, currency detectors, coin return equipment, automatic doors, toy motors, etc.

★★★★★【Accuracy】Gear Motor Using accuracy winding pure copper wire technology, the power of the geared motor is increased by 30%.

★★★★★【High Torsion】The motor can run with low noise and high torsion, and can be adjusted to reduce the motor speed.

★★★★★【High‑hardness Steel】The main shaft is made of high‑hardness steel, which has good toughness and impact resistance, which can extend the service life of the bearing and the motor.

★★★★★【Strong Load‑bearing Capacity】The motor adopts all‑metal gears with strong load‑bearing capacity and effectively protects the gear box motor body.

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