Magnetic Sensor Module Board Components 9-Axis Gyroscope Accelerometer MPU-9150

Product Description

Multi-function: The board also provides I2C pull-up resistors and solder jumpers to switch the I2C address of the device.

High performance: 9-axis motion tracking MEMS devices are designed for low power consumption, low cost and high performance requirements of consumer electronic devices (including smart phones, tablets and wearable sensors).

Features: The 6-axis MotionFusion algorithm integrated in the component can access all internal sensors to collect a full set of sensor data.

Application: The sensor module is suitable for operation learning and development of college students, engineers, technicians, factories, personal DIY, electronic enthusiasts, etc.

Easy to use: This module board allows you to easily use the InvenSense MPU-9150 for prototyping by decomposing all the pins you need into standard 0.1 inch pitch connectors.

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