Cimeton 190Pcs 2.54mm Male and Female Pin Headers Electrical Connectors Assortment Kit with Long Short Needle Pin Headers Double Pin Headers Breakaway PCB Board Pin Header for Arduino Prototype Shield

Product Description

[HIGH GRADE MATERIAL] These PCB board pin headers are consists rows of metal pins molded into a plastic base. These are great for stacking multiple shields and clearing the USB-B connector .

[VARIOUS MODELS TO CHOOSE] We offer various pin headers for you to choose. Pin numbers are from 4-10. We prepare all type of pin headers you need: long needle female pin headers, short needle female pin headers, double pin headers, breakaway male and female pin headers. Spacing: 2.54 mm (0.1 in) For more size and quantity details, please refer to our second pictures.

[COST EFFECTIVE] Due to their simplicity, these female socket header are cost-effective. When the current is blocked or isolated between the circuit, its role is to connect the current or signal for transmission.

Widely used in electronic, electrical, instrument PCB circuit board. Mainly plays the role of current or signal transmission. Suitable for wire connecting in the field of electrical appliances and Internet, especially for the computer and breadboard and automotive.

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