100 Pcs 1K ohm Resistors YIWANSON 0.25 W Metal Film Resistor, Tolerance ±1% 1/4w Metal Film Fixed Resistor for Repair Electronic Systems, Repair Cars, Audio Components, Arduino Projects (1K)

Product Description

✅YIWANSON 100 Pcs 1K ohm resistor, the type is metal film resistor, with higher accuracy and better stability, rated power: 0.25W (1/4W), resistance tolerance: 1%, 100% brand new. Pass various certifications and RoHs

✅High-quality resistors can well protect the circuit, prevent damage to external devices, and better protect the circuit connection and data transmission. The surface metal film is wear-resistant and anti-oxidant, accelerates product heat dissipation, and is more assured of safety. It has low power consumption and high stability. More durable, excellent noise suppression, moisture resistance, high-temperature resistance, help you complete the project better

✅An excellent resistor assortment has a wider range of use, and is widely used in student experiments, production, maintenance projects, education demonstrations, low power consumption or low load environments, DIY projects, used to repair various wireless electronic equipment, electronic systems, and repair cars, Audio components, Arduino projects, such as breadboards, car dashboards, airbags, clocks, probes, speaker circuits, computers, meters, doorbells, generators, cars, LED lights, etc

✅Clear color marking and label value. All resistors are individually packaged in their own bags. The packaging bag has a clear label value for easy classification and use. The most important thing is that you do not have to go to the local store to buy it, you can save more time and money, and you can buy what you want at home. Loved by electronics enthusiasts

❤️In order to ensure that every user gets the perfect Resistors, every product undergoes strict quality inspection. We do not produce fake or inferior products. If you encounter any problems, please consult us to help you solve them

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