LoRa Module SX1262 SX1268 433MHz Wireless Data Transceiver RS232 RS48530dBm 10km Long Range RSSI LBT CE FCC RoHs Modem Enyte E90-DTU(400SL30P) TX433-JKD-20P Industrial-Grade Wireless Digital Radio

Product Description

E90-DTU (400SL30P) is a true high-quality industrial-grade wireless digital radio. The power supply supports electrostatic discharge anti-interference level 4 protection,fast transient anti-interference level 4 protection,surge impact anti-interference Level 3 Protection.

It is suitable for multi-point and location dispersion, complex geographical environment, etc.It can be connected with PLC, RTU, rain gauge, liquid level meter and other data terminals.

Multiple protection functions such as power reverse connection protection, over-current protection, and antenna surge protection greatly increase the reliability of the device;Powerful software functions, all parameters can be programmed: such as power, frequency, air data rate, address ID,etc.

Ultra-low power consumption, standby current is only 12V / 42mA (lower power consumption in power saving mode and sleep mode); with built-in hardware watchdog and precise time layout, once an exception occurs? the transceiver will automatically restart, and continue to work according to the previous parameters.

If you need the product manual or have any questions , please download it from our official website or feel free to contact us.

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