5PCS BTS7960 DC Stepper Motor Driver Module 43A Current Limit Control Module H-Bridge PWM Smart Car Board Compatible with Ar duino Raspberry Pi Smart Car

Product Description

BTS7960 large current (43 A) H bridge driver, 5V power indicator on board; 5V isolate with MCU, and effectively protect MCU.

Motor driver module isolated chip 5V power supply (can be shared with the MCU 5V), can also use the on-board 5V supply; the supply voltage 5.5V to 27V.

Voltage indication of motor driver output end; can solder heat sink.

BTS7960 able to reverse the motor forward, two PWM input frequency up to 25kHZ.

High power motor driver module just need four lines from MCU to driver module (GN/ 5V/ PWM1/PWM2), two heat flow passing through an error signal output.

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